Hello! I'm Finn.

Welcome to my digital portfolio.

I have been a passionate worker with a diverse hand of cards since I first started my journey into the workforce. I am incredibly proud of the skills I have developed in my career so far, and look forward to finding new ways to elevate, bring new perspective, and automate current processes in the corporate world. I bring a creative eye and a love for organization into every role I am blessed to be in, and I aim to be a selfless, collaborative, and overall essential member of every team. I find I feed my passion by helping others, inside and outside my career.
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Digital Marketing Skill Set

Social Media Marketing
Utilizing various social media platforms to drive user engagement, strengthen an organization’s brand, and understand that organization’s consumer base
Engaging with a wider audience to increase awareness of a brand and drive traffic to other aspects of an organization’s online presence
Data Analytics
Retrieving and organizing data in order to form accurate and comprehensive conclusions that will assist and improve the organization in question
Making informed decisions on the growth and development of initiatives and projects within an organization
Transforming data into visuals that can be presented to a diverse audience
Project Management
Addressing a problem by developing a collaborative project and organizing the specifics of that project 
Planning realistic and clear milestones to hit within a project’s duration to strengthen team cohesion and confidence
Leading a team in following a timeline, achieving project goals, and resolving issues that may arise
Content Creation
Producing aesthetically pleasing media and text that is clear and concise for a wide variety of readers
Thoughtfully generating concepts that will engage and appeal to an organization’s consumer base and strengthen that organization’s brand
Analyzing trends and creating versions of those trends in order to grow an audience

Human Resources Skill Set

Talent Acquisition
Conducting analysis on similar job markets in order to create competitive and enticing job descriptions for roles
Identifying and recruiting top talent
Screening and interviewing candidates
Sourcing and managing a pipeline of options for roles
Benefits Administration
Developing and organizing benefits packages for new and existing roles
Guiding employees through complex processes and explaining their benefits
Conducting leaves of absence, payroll, and worker’s compensation claims
Acting as a liaison between employees and employers for ADA interactive discussions
Employee Relations
Identifying successful and unsuccessful trends in management strategies and communication between employees and their managers
Addressing concerns and navigating complex and sensitive issues within the employee hierarchy
Resolves disputes that arise from miscommunication, confusion, or violation of workplace rules
Training & Development
Creating presentation and educational materials to explain processes to employees and train new hires
Analyzing culture and makeup of an organization’s employees in order to cultivate inclusivity and equality in onboarding and in the workplace
Implementing new programs to respond to needs within an organization

Professional Experience Skill Set

Project Coordination
Organizing and assisting in the management of multifaceted objectives within a business
Communicating expectations with employees and managers
Prioritizing and reiterating scheduling so the team stays on time and on task
Analyzing feedback to better processes for future projects
Web Design
Manipulating creation and organization tools to streamline user experience
Utilizing different tools to allow for universal accessibility
Organizing layouts, adjusting appearance, and refining content to communicate clearly and effectively to users
Analyzing data pulled from interactions
Behavioral Psychology
Studying human and animal behavior in order to form meaningful connections
Analyzing case studies to better understand innate and learned behaviors in various aspects of life
Understanding how differences and similarities in behavior affect individuals
Utilizing counseling techniques to treat behavior that troubles individuals
Business Analysis
Identifying needs within an organization in order to recommend and implement new business strategies
Communicating with stakeholders to stay on track and reduce risk within projects
Assisting in implementation of complex changes into an organization
Guiding an organization through undefined territory

Interested in

I’m currently looking for a new position!
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