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Every great project starts with a plan.

Below is a small collection of reference guides, resources, and simple applications that I have built to assist in brushing up on and furthering my education in the fields I’ve worked in. Although these guides are mainly for my own personal use, many citations have been included, so others interested in these resources are welcome to look through my process and apply it to their own situations.
I am still starting out in my professional journey. So it is important to remember that, although these resources can be used for assisting, it is crucial to consult seasoned professionals in the field. Please be cautious and always double-check information with vetted sources! These guides should be used for personal interest only. Thank you!

Technological Resources

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Art Commission Calculator

This simple application was built in collaboration with my younger brother Spencer Jackson!
It is intended to assist freelance artists in determining reasonable and researched pricing for their art commissions.
In preparation, we researched, cross-referenced, and organized hundreds of commission prices publicly posted to online art sites like Etsy, Fiverr, DeviantART, and VGen. We also analyzed advice from industry leaders and applied that advice to create a system that factors in various specifics (commission type, years of experience, platform reach, skill level, etc!) to accurately calculate a range of prices for different types of commissions that are offered by many freelance digital artists.
This application is flexible in order to accommodate an ever-changing environment, and we intend to update it as the field progresses and adjusts to the economy. We love feedback and suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with advice!

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Benefits Terminology Search Engine

This simple application was built to help employees, especially those early on in their career or those who are just being introduced to full time work, understand their often complex and convoluted benefits packages!
By combining the importance of marketing competitive job descriptions to potential candidates, extensive knowledge in the field of benefits administration and Human Resources, and skill in optimizing and organizing technological platforms, I was able to create a streamlined way to better understand your benefits, even before accepting a job offer.
The application’s terminology references’s Glossary for many of its definitions in order to maintain accuracy and clarity. It also utilizes various keywords throughout its system in order to optimize and streamline searching.

Reference Guides

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